Local, State, & Federal Government Transcription

At A.T. Services we provides complete multi-phase transcription for local municipalities, state agencies, and federal government agencies and entities including local village, town, city, and county governments. We provide certified transcription and typing services for law enforcement agencies at all levels of government including sheriff’s departments, police and federal law enforcement agencies.

State & Federal Agency Transcription Services

We serve state and federal agencies including United States Postal Service, FBI, Workers’ Compensation bureaus, Department of Motor Vehicles, Health & Human Services, Education, Local and Regional Authorities, Court of Claims, and more.  With over 30 years of experience providing legal, insurance and medical transcription services, municipalities and government agencies in New York City, across New Your State, and nationwide have chosen us time and again for all their critical transcription, typing, and document services.

Multiple Transcription File Formats

We have the capability to transcribe in multiple formats, with the ability to accept audio and video files for transcription in any format, with transcription performed to your specifications and format.

We accept digital audio and video files for transcription online, as well as via traditional media formats including micro, mini and standard cassettes, CDROM and DVD discs, and hard copy documents, including handwritten documents.

We provide clients with convenient and secure document delivery for completed transcripts. Completed transcripts may be provided in Microsoft Word and WordPerfect formats as well as Adobe PDF, as well as .txt and .asc file formats for use in E-Transcript or LiveNote document systems.