medical legal transcription service company syracuse new yorkToday there are hundreds of transcription firms. They range in low-cost consumer quality to high-quality and higher cost transcription for professional services. With all these transcription firms out there it can be difficult to know which one is right for you and your firm.

1. Anyone can transcribe. It’s easy and fast.
It can take a person about 3-4 minutes to type a one-minute audio file. This means that your one-hour meeting takes 3-4 hours to type and then there is time to proofread. When you combine audio recordings that are less than desirable with multiple people talking over one another, even more time is needed to transcribe the file.

Audio equipment like that which is offered at transcription firms, help transcriptionists type faster and have more accuracy. The equipment helps but the experience is an asset to decipher the difference between background noise, vocal utterances that may distract from speech, multiple speakers– especially those with thick accents, and more.

If someone without the proper equipment and experience could take a 2-hour audio file and have it take them a whole day to transcribe but it may not be of the quality you desire.

2. You have to be able to type fast. Really fast.
There are studies that prove that an average transcriptionist can type 50 words a minute. There is no industry standard for how fast you have to be able to type. Transcription companies will put deadlines on transcriptionists for a file to be transcribed, but the main focus isn’t on the amount of time it takes but rather the accuracy.

3. Technology can replace humans so transcription can be automated.
While artificial intelligence is great, speech recognition software still has a ways to go. When you have multiple speakers background noise, accents, and many factors only professional transcriptionists can give you the accuracy you need.

Technology doesn’t have the ability to proofread or edit transcripts. It also can’t save the file in the required format.

4. Formatting is standard across transcription.
Many of our clients require certain documents to follow a certain format. Often we may have to make adjustments to fit their needs. When you look for a transcription company to handle the transcription needs you need to know they can deliver accurate results in the format you need.

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