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Academic and Institutional Transcription Services

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New York Academic and Institutional Transcription Services

We offer students, Universities, and Institutions accurate academic transcriptions services by a professional staff with over 30 years’ experience. Let us take your audio and video recording and transcribe them. Whether it be a thesis or dissertation or maybe meetings and conferences. Our staff is here to give you expert transcription service and produce very accurate documents.

Why do you need a transcription company like AT Services? Well here are some of the benefits. Typing is time-consuming and when you have to continually stop and start audio files to transcribe them it is even more time-consuming. If you don’t have the proper equipment you will find it frustrating to try and transcribe yourself not to mention use up valuable time.

You may be asking, “Why don’t I just go through my recordings to listen for the information I want?” At first, this might sound like a good idea until you actually try listening through two and a half hours of audiotapes or electronic audio files trying to find specific information. You will waste a lot of time doing that. I can guarantee you that it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you had transcripts of your audio recordings you could find the information you want is just a fraction of the time. The files we transcribe are done in Microsoft word. You can type in a keyword using the “find” function and you can easily find a quote you want in a manner of seconds.

What Will ATServices Typing Services Do For You:

Using a transcription service to transcribe interviews, lectures, meetings is twice as fast if not more than if you were to attempt to do it yourself.

You get a transcript that is grammatically correct and coherent so you can easily just ‘cut and paste’ quotes on segments from the Word document right into your essay, letter, Dissertation, Thesis, etc.

Using transcription services will leave you with more time to concentrate on more important things like starting on your paper or other prep work you need to get done. You free up your time which can be a valuable thing.

Your files will always be sent and received securely and all of our transcriptionists have signed Confidentiality Agreements. Our typists can turn around your academic data in minimal time. All work will be proofread and returned to you according to your deadline. 


Fast, Accurate, Reliable Insurance Transcription Services! We deliver the quality transcription services you need.