College students are always on a tight budget meaning they need to balance grades with what they spend. With that in mind, using a New York based transcription service such ATServices in Syracuse might not sound like a good idea but it might be the answer to getting better grades. The better your grades then that could translate into more job opportunities and a higher paid job when college is over.

By recording and transcribing lectures you can capture every single word your professors says. Trying to take notes while your professor is speaking often means you are more busy writing than really listening and you can easily miss important points. It just isn’t possible to write down everything that is said since writing is slower than speech.

Let’s say your lecture is on a complicated theory. You may find it difficult to follow along let alone with you are trying to take notes at the same time. By recording the lecture you can concentrate on what is being explained with no distraction and have your recording transcribed so you have a full transcript of what was said in the lecture. Another benefit could be, with your full attention to the lecture you may bring up valid questions that clarify certain points. You could miss that opportunity if you are busy trying to write information down.

It is believed that taking notes while listening can only capture about 40% or less of what was said, that is a significant amount missed.

Having the ability to give your full attention to your professor and later review a written transcript you can take more impactful notes. Many learn better by reading which is another good reason to record and then have transcribed what is said. The benefits really out way the disadvantages. A way to cut the cost would be to pool some of your classmates and split the cost of the transcript. This makes getting a transcript more affordable.

By working with others, you have the added benefit should you miss a lecture for any reason you can get a complete written account of what was said. For most students when the lecture is over they need to re-write their notes to make them coherent and this takes up valuable time. With a transcript in a document form, it is quick and easy to go in and highlight an important point or write notes in the margin.

To get the most out of your transcript make sure the recording you make is of good quality. From that, a highly reputable, professional New York transcription service such as ATServices can produce an accurate account of what was said and you can have peace of mind knowing you didn’t miss any important points.