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A T Services, Inc. is one of the leading Transcription Companies in New York


For Over 25 Years, A T Services, Inc. has been one of the Leading Transcription Companies in New York

Complete New York Transcription Services including

  • Legal Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Insurance Transcription
  • Educational, Government and Corporate Transcription

Established in 1984, A T Services of Central New York, Inc. has seen steady growth after year to become one of the leading transcription companies in New York State.

Our years of experience providing transcription services to leading legal, medical and insurance professionals and government agencies is focused and centered on the highest levels of customer service, turnaround time and quality transcription services. Continuing customer loyalty has repeatedly proven to be the hallmark of our success and reputation.

Since our founding in 1984, we have provided professional transcription services to doctors, medical clinics, physician group practices, attorneys, law firms of all sizes throughout New York State, private investigators, police departments, district attorneys, insurance companies, churches, corporations and private individuals.

It has often been said that the hallmark of the success of any business is to do one thing and do it well. At A T Services, we specialize in a wide array of legal, medical, insurance and corporate transcription services, including audio transcription, video transcription and NYS Court transcription. Our highly trained and professional on site Syracuse NY-based transcriptionists can transcribe virtually any audio or video file, depending upon recording quality to nearly 98% accuracy.

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Professional Transcription Companies in New York

As one of the leading transcription companies in New York, our 100% Syracuse, New York based transcription office and support staff are professionals in every sense of the word, with the majority of our staff having been with us for over 16 years each, bringing the highest level of experience and professionalism to their craft, including language, grammar, and an understanding of the nuances of language associated with the various practices and disciplines for which we provide service.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the leading transcription companies in New York. Our 100% native English-speaking Syracuse, New York based staff transcribes digital audio and video, tape cassettes, NYS Court CDs, police interviews, hearings, conferences, daily medical patient charts, recorded statements, and more.


Fast, Accurate, Reliable Transcription Services! We deliver the quality transcription services you need.