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Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcription is a transcription service that will give you the most accurate detail. A verbatim transcription will include everything that is said on the recording as well as any sniffles, coughs, grunts and things being said like “uh huh” for an example. This type of transcription also would include noises outside of the people being recorded that may include a knock on the door, a honking of a car horn, or a sound of a book being dropped.

These verbatim transcriptions are most often used in court transcripts as well as for depositions and interviews for the purpose of qualitative analysis. These transcriptions demand a comprehensive attention to every detail and a very high level of experience to determine the sounds that come from the individuals being recorded as well as being able to decipher any noises. Verbatim transcription is without question a daunting task. The demand for this transcription in any legal proceedings sets a standard that many transcription companies simply can’t meet.

There is no question that we at A T Services have a reputation for being recognized as having the highest quality for verbatim transcription. We only employ the best transcriptionists in the area that meet our high standards.

To ensure that your verbatim transcription complies with the highest level required in the industry, A T Services legal transcription we go through a four step process. While it is not often corrections are ever needed, each court transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if deemed necessary.

In addition to providing the highest quality verbatim transcription possible, A T Services can deliver the following:

  • The highest level of document confidentiality with regimented in-house policies on disclosure and document control
  • Turnaround times customized to your needs

Our unwavering determination to deliver the best quality of verbatim transcriptions in the industry, our team at A T Services can meet all of your verbatim transcription needs.


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