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Transcribing court tapes is a unique and high specialized talent that requires multiple skills and an understanding of the legal process. The nature of court trials that is full of legal jargon often with several people speaking requires transcriptionists with experience and at the top of their game. What can complicate things is the fact that court proceedings often have multiple of trial participants that speak over one another using legal terms that those without legal background don’t understand.

There is no question that the transcription of court tapes plays an essential role in the trial process. They have to record perfect execution of witness testimonies, questions from attorneys, and any instructions from the judge over seeing the case. The importance of accurate transcription lies in the fact any missing or misinterpreting a single word or phrase can change the meaning of what was really said in court. Any such errors can affect the outcome of the trial.

To get highly accurate court tapes transcribed it requires very talented transcriptionists who have the skills needed to handle the adversity of a court room. These particular skills have to include the ability to understand heavy accents, an understanding of court proceedings, and the ability to decipher who is speaking especially when trial participants speak over each other.

At A T Services we strive to produce the highest standard possible on every court tape we transcribe. We hold a high level of confidentiality based on our in house process. While it is not often corrections are ever needed, each court transcription is re-verified, proofread, reviewed, and corrected if deemed necessary.

A T Services goes at each and every transcription with the highest level of confidentiality based on our own house policies that include disclosure and document control. These internal controls and processes allows for a very convenient two step submission process for your court tapes as well as delivery of completed transcriptions in a time frame that works with your needs.

When you combine these features with our dedicated and high quality court transcriptionists you get a team that can meet all of your court tape transcription needs.

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