Transcribe Video & Audio Files - Syracuse, NYDid you know that transcription can boost your website’s SEO ranking? Maybe you have a podcast or a YouTube page on your website. By embedding a transcript it will get the attention of search engines. You get more search engine optimization value if you have more great content that is what people are looking for.

User Engagement
Think about your social media. What type of content do you interact with? Videos for example are great at catching attention. When you have content that is long with lots of paragraphs and complicated infographic information the content becomes more difficult to process.

When a video that people find interesting has an accompanying transcript then you are more likely to have users become more engaged with the content. The viewer can always refer to the transcripts. The better and the more engagement of users will lead to more traffic to your website and a better bounce back rate with better search engine rankings. There may be times when you can listen to the video, in that case, you can read the video instead of navigating off the page. With a transcript available you cater better to your audience.

Content Creation
Content creation is considered critical for search engine rankings. Having content that is frequently updated helps you to keep in the SEO game which helps to promote your company or service. This is where you get added value from transcripts as added content. Including transcripts on your website that go along with audio and video files creates more content and that is favorable to search engines. It has helped one of our clients who had several videos on their website on seamless gutters & eavestroughs. By adding a transcript of those videos they added more content and keywords that the search engines liked. For the user, the video was there if they wanted to watch that but they also had the option to read the context of the video.

Keyword Ranking
When your content you have on a website will use keywords for search engine ranking. Videos will use those same keywords. When you add a transcript of that video, the content is further going to boost rankings for those same keywords. Transcription service companies like A T Services of Central New York have the expertise that specializes in capturing in writing what is on audio and video files. Having this will in turn will help you to have a huge impact from keyword ranking.

Indexing Video and Audio
For accessibility standards, having a transcript option of audio and video files is necessary. It adds value by boosting your search engine ranking by allowing Google’s bots to crawl your website and index your content. Text that accompanies video files will mean that the video will now appear in a user’s search engine search and this will increase your inbound traffic.

There is no reason to wait any longer. Upload that video and then let our transcription service help you get the transcript you need. We can help you jump to the top of your industry.