Is Professional Transcription Services Better Than Speech-to-Text Apps?

Professional Human Transcription vs AIToday more than ever, speech to text apps are used for making notes, sending messages, or translating words into other languages, but is it an alternative for professional transcription services in New York? This is what we are going to break down for you here.

What Are Speech to Text Apps?
Speech to text apps are designed to transcribe the audio text in a similar fashion to the way a human transcriber would. These apps are on smartphones and tablets giving you the option to transcribe audio on the go. With this convenience how does it compare to a human transcription service?

Speech to text apps are not all the same. They vary in complexity and reliability and the results you get will differ. Even the best voice to text apps make mistakes. Because of this they are normally only used to transcribe conversations or short phrases and not really used in complicated dictations.

Who Would Use a Speech to Text App?
If you are someone who likes to send short notes or messages then speech to text is an ideal method for you. As I mentioned before, even the best speech to text apps are not perfect and do make mistakes. The software is what has to convert what is said and not the human ear. Because of this, it may have difficulty interpreting low-quality audio and complex terminology if you have an accent that too can complicate things. Because of this reason you should never use this technology for medical transcription and legal transcriptions where you could get serious mistakes in your transcripts.

How Do Speech to Text Apps Work?
The app uses software that will ‘listen’ to what you say and it will interpret using a speech recognition technology. It will convert your voice recording into text by going through many complicated steps.

To start, the sound waves are converted into digital data and the background noise is removed. The data is then broken down into smaller portions so the app can compare each part to a bank of known words and sentences. Then the software will display what it ‘thinks’ was said.

This process while it is complicated it can do the conversion in just a few seconds. It makes it quicker and cheaper than traditional transcription services. All too often though, it doesn’t understand complex nuances or different accents and voices and like what has been said before, your text could have mistakes.

Speech to Text Apps vs Human Transcription Services
While speech to text apps does the same thing as a human transcription service the process and results and significantly different. Speech to text apps relies on software and traditional transcription services rely on human transcribers. There are some speech to text apps that claim to have a 99% accuracy rate but there are a number of factors needed.

Traditional transcription services rely on human ears to convert the audio into text and transcribers can carefully go over audio files to decipher what is being said.

Professional Transcription Service in New York

The truth is no transcription software is any match for a professional human transcriptionist. Going with a traditional transcription service will ensure that you get the highest quality transcript possible from your recording. And in the final analysis, whether your transcription needs are medical, legal, educational, or professional, that’s what counts.