Advantages of Outsourced Transcription Services

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Companies across a wide range of vertical markets including medical practices, law offices, education and more have increasingly discovered the distinct advantages of outsourcing their transcription needs to high quality, professional transcription companies.

Technology in digital recording and audio technology has made outsourced transcription extremely cost effective and has given it meaningfulness in day to day business needs. When it comes to medical transcription services or legal transcription services, it might seem that outsourced professional transcription services would actually increase business costs, the opposite is in fact the case, where business need high-quality, quick turnaround speech to text services to fulfill their specific needs.

On Demand Transcription Services

Whether you need professional transcription services on a regular basis or only occasionally, there are significant cost benefits to outsourcing your transcription needs. Weighed against the cost of employee salaries, insurance, workers compensation and other HR factors, on-demand transcription services are extraordinary for their cost effectiveness. Additionally, a top-quality professional transcription service can also provide proven quality assurance procedures with a dedicated, domestically based, highly skilled transcription team which translates into significantly reduced transcription errors which can result in expensive mistakes in project outcomes.

New York Transcription Service Costs

When outsourcing any critical business function, reliablity, accuracy, and costs are always a major consideration. Typical in the professional transcription field, rates are calculated by the minute, the line, or the page. Generally, per-line and page rates tend to be the most cost effective pricing model for most clients. Per-minute rates are generally only used when the absolute exact cost of the transcription is needed before the project is actually transcribed. These rates can vary significant from one project to another based on recording quality, number of speakers, and other factors.

Per-page transcription rates are much more common and depend on formatting factors such as line spacing, font size, and margin width, as well as whether verbatim transcription is required for the particular project under consideration.

Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

As in almost all endeavors, you get what you pay for. And professional transcription service is no exception. A low transcription quote can often mean that the person you are considering has little experience, poor grammar or exposure to the particular medical or legal terminology involved, or they may just simply be a sole practitioner working on their own from home.

When evaluating bids or estimates from transcription companies, it is important to inquire into and evaluate carefully the company’s quality assurance procedures. The best transcription service providers have exacting multi-level quality control procedures in place to keep transcription quality high and errors to a minimum.

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