Quality Audio Transcription Service - Syracuse, New YorkThe process of transcribing data, speech, or spoken content is relatively straightforward. The recorded information can be sent to a transcription company that will have a person transcribe the audio and typing according to your requirements. Standard templates or user-generated templates along with transcription software are used to produce the most accurate transcript. The document when completed is then QA’d before the final transcription is delivered to the client. There are times when the file has to be split into small parts to make transcribing easier and to divide the work among certified transcriptionists that can transcribe each part accurately and cleanly. These are basic steps but they have to be met to produce a quality transcription of recorded information.

Here are some things to remember during each phase of the transcription process:

Recording – When recording audio that you will want transcribed use a quality device. There are several different brands of digital recorders on the market. Spoken content is much easier to transcribe when the recording is clear, and your turn-a-round is faster and more precise. When multiple individuals are talking. Make it a point to not interrupt one another. Multiple voices at once can make it difficult to hear what is being said.

Sending – To upload your recorded file is an easy process. There are several methods you can use. Some use Dropbox to send files, others will mail us the audio on a CDROM. At ATServices we will work with you to find the most suitable method for us to receive your files.

Transcription – The transcribing of your audio can begin once we receive your audio file(s) and any specific requirements or supporting documentation. Here at ATServices Transcriptions Service, we ensure high-quality transcriptions every time. Our transcriptionists are highly trained and have years of professional experience.

Quality Assessment – Producing high-quality transcripts is an essential part of the transcribing process. Proofreading helps to guarantee we have 100% accuracy for each document transcribed. No transcript leaves our office without going through our double-checking process for quality control.

Delivery – We do everything we can to complete your transcript on time, and in the format that our client wants.