What Is the Role of a Transcription Proofreader?

medical legal transcription service new yorkMany people have no real idea how transcription actually works. And one of the principle and indispensable unsung hero’s of transcription service providers is the transcription proofreader. While the transcriptionist is the person who listens to an audio file and transcribes it into written words, the transcription proofreader ensures that the transcription is as accurate and complete as possible.

Transcription Proofreading: Not Your Average Proofing

A transcription proofreader is notably different from the proofreaders with which most of us are familiar. Whereas a normal proofreader is looking for grammar and spelling mistakes, the transcription proofreader goes much further.

Once the transcription proofreader receives the transcript, it is checked for punctuation and spelling accuracy, but it is also checked for faithfulness to the original audio recording. Always the question is, “Is what is on paper, what was actually and specifically said on the audio recording?”  The transcription proofreader checks for errors and omissions in the transcript, as well as any inadvertent changes to the meaning of the audio spoken words during the transcription process.

A Second Set of Ears

Rather than simply reading the text of the finished transcript, the proofreader simultaneously listens to the original audio recording from which the transcript was made. Their additional task is to fill in any missing words that the transcriptionist missed or did not understand. The object is that the transcript is a faithful and true representation of the audio recording as supplied by the client. The proofreader will also ensure proper text formatting as required by the client or court.

An experienced transcription company will always have at least two people listening to any transcription: the transcriptionist and the transcription proofreader.

The transcription proofreader’s role is essential. For over 25 years, at A.T. Services of Central New York, our proofreaders have been and continue to be our quality checkpoint, our second set of ears on every job before it is returned to the client.

New York Transcription Service Professionals

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” has never been more true when it comes to quality transcription services. In many cases, our client’s futures, their reputation, and their livelihoods depend upon the quality of our work, whether in medical offices or in the case of legal transcription services, in court proceedings. We believe that quality is of the utmost importance and that is what sets us apart in the world of transcription service companies in New York State and nationwide.  That’s why we always have at least two sets of ears on every transcription job that comes through our office.