Who Needs A Transcription Services?

New York Transcription ServicesA professional transcription service will take what is done in one medium and put in into another medium As an example, an audio file transcribed into a text format for reading. The process may sound simple but executing it is not at all easy. It takes a lot to complete a transcription job correctly.

But what is a transcription service?

As a professional New York transcription service, it is our job to convert speech into the written or electronic text document. The service is provided to businesses, legal, medical, trade associations, insurance companies, and individuals. It can also be helpful for authors writing a book but don’t have the time or expertise. They can record their ideas and employ the services of a transcriptionist to get them down on paper.

Tape recording and portable recording have made the process much easier than when trained secretaries used shorthand to record speech. Today many transcription services like those offered at ATServices us a system by which a customer can call in from any phone and dictate directly into our dictation system. This increases the level of convenience for the professional.

Who Benefits the Most from Transcription Services?

There are several clients and service providers that depend on transcription services as text files of audio/video recording are more acceptable and useful to end-users.

Legal sector: One of the leading users of transcription service companies in the legal sector. This would be professionals like attorneys, court reporters, paralegals, and law firms. Legal transcription service in New York is often needed for legal witnesses’ statements, court hearings, depositions, and recorded evidence. They use the service to provide judges, juries, and lawyers the transcript of the audio or video file. It can then be easily read and referenced in court.

Healthcare Practitioners: Many doctor’s office in Upstate New York still use medical transcription services. Doctors will often dictate their notes, procedures, or other mater on patients they see. This information needs to be transcribed so it can go into the patient’s record.

Education Sector: Those working towards doctorate degrees, lecturers, and students may also require transcription services. Most often the materials need to be transcribed are interviews, research, seminars, and class lectures that are often in audio and video formats.

Market Research: This is an area that a transcription service can be beneficial for market researchers. They can get a written file of interviews, discussions, feedback, and other data. With this, they can have a clean and accurate record of the precise responses from participants.

Business sector: Another would be the business sector. Here one can upload the transcribed versions of the keynote speeches during significant events and make it more accessible for all others.

Some companies can use the transcribed materials as a great marketing tool to reach a wider audience.

What is the Best Type of Transcription Service?

A company like ATServices that offers legal transcription services as well as medical and insurance transcription can find it immensely beneficial. There is transcription software but the chance for errors is always there. Human transcription is considered to be the best overall option. Human transcriptions are less faulty and their immense knowledge and experience will always deliver you the best outcome possible.