medical, legal, insurance transcription serviceIn New York State, a transcription service works to provide clients with a text document that is transcribed from and audio or video file. At ATServices of Central New York, Inc. in Syracuse, New York we have been in business for over 30 years and in that time, we have seen the demand for our service grow.

More businesses than ever are taking advantage of our transcription service. To illustrate why we have put together a quick guide and why they would use our services.

We provide a New York legal transcription services that are used by judges, solicitors, paralegals, police officers, investigators as well as other legal professionals.

The need varies from last will and testaments to statements and depositions, and all legal activities can be transcribed into a written record of information that can be easily accessible to those that need it. Legal transcription services ensure the what is recorded is transcribed verbatim, capturing every word, grunt, cough, etc. so you get information that presents accurately and the misinterpretation thereby reduced.

Medical transcription takes notes from doctors, nurses, and other practitioners and transcribes them into medical documents.

The transcripts have a critical role. They are medical documentation that needs to be reliable giving accurate information that is critical to doctors and other professionals working in the healthcare sector. Medical transcription is used to preserve resources and improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical notes, doctor-patient communications, and discharge summaries.

Schools, colleges, and universities in the education sector use a transcription service to review and improve the quality of teaching and make materials accessible.

Common academic transcriptions include dissertation, thesis and research transcription, proofreading, and note-taking transcription. Some several universities and colleges make their learning materials available online including transcripts of lectures and seminars.

Market Research
When a new product is being launched it is so important to have customer feedback as part of gathering information about the views and preferences consumers which is conducted through interviews, focus groups, and observations.

Often during these types of research, there can be several participants and keeping track of who said what can be a challenge. Market research uses transcription services to record as much information as possible to ensure that the data that is recorded is accurate.

A conference is a prearranged meeting with a formal agenda to exchange knowledge, information, or a discussion.

Having a conference transcribed can be used to share information with individuals who were not able to attend. Conference transcriptions can include panel discussions, research interviews, press conferences, and board meetings.

Insurance Companies
The insurance industry relies on transcription due to the vast amount of work that is involved when processing a claim.

Often, they deal with audio statements from claimants, defendants, and witnesses. This information is critical and everything needs to be captured.

Since insurance documents are legally binding, the statements have to be documented in strict verbatim to ensure the legitimacy of claims. Common insurance transcriptions types include settlement letters, liability reports, and quotes.