legal transcription syracuse new yorkComparing Verbatim & Simple Transcription

As a professional New York transcription service, we work diligently to make sure we capture accurately and precisely what you need from your audio or video file for which we are created an accurate written record. For some clients, a raw, literal transcript of the proceedings is sufficient. For other clients, they need to have it “cleaned up” a bit… removing the ummm’s and ahhh’s, and making it as readable as possible within the strict confines and legal rules of certified transcription records. For specific types of businesses such as legal transcription services for law offices, medical transcription, and insurance claims, an accurate record of everything is required.

Legal Transcription: What is the Evidence?

Where there is litigation at state and court documents are involved, the stakes are high and accuracy is crucial. As such, verbatim transcription often requires that quite literally everything is captured: every sound, utterance, cough, sneeze, giggles, and asides. Dialog must also be captured, including word repetitions, pauses, stutters, colloquialisms, regional accents, etc. can all contribute to the nuances of a proceeding. The objective is to allow the reader of the transcript to feel they are actually present in the proceeding.

Experienced Transcription and Understand Counts

Clients are often tempted to go with the cheapest price quote they can find when it comes to transcription. But as with other areas of endeavor, you more often than not get exactly what you pay for. Inexperienced transcriptionists and freelancers working from home with all their attendant distractions will more often than not lack the technical ability to provide a properly formatted and certified finished transcription. This can be particularly true when the transcriptionist lacks the necessary industry experience and familiarity to be able to recognize and understand technical terms, names, and specific jargon and the context in which it is used. It is easy to understand why experience and industry qualifications can count for so much when indeed so much is at stake in the outcome of the matter being transcribed.

Verbatim Transcription or Not. That is the Question.

It is always wise to learn the technical and industry qualifications of the transcriptionist you are looking to use to transcribe your audio or video file in the context of what it is that you actually need in terms of the end product. Even the most experienced and knowledgeable transcriptionist is limited by the quality of the audio they are called upon to listen to. It has never been more true that a poor quality recording will always yield a poor outcome in transcription results. If you are planning to ask for a verbatim transcription it is always to your advantage to ensure that the quality of the recording of whatever proceeding you are recording is of the highest quality possible.

Similarly, if the transcription of every cough, stutter, and sound is not strictly necessary, a simple, clean transcription may be much better suited to your needs than a more complex and costly verbatim transcription. Often times, you have no choice but to order a verbatim transcript. But quite often, a clean transcription will suit your needs perfectly.

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